About Our Organization

Connecticut Cooperative Education and Internship Association (CCEIA) includes employers, two-year and four-year colleges and universities with active experiential learning programs including Cooperative Education and Internships. 

Our Goals and Purposes

  • To promote the advancement and development of cooperative education and internships as integral parts of the educational process in Connecticut and to explore and encourage the development of experiential opportunities for students.
  • To serve as a vehicle for the exchange of ideas and information, and to improve the understanding of the principles of cooperative education and internship experience.
  • To provide information concerning cooperative education and internships for legislators and appropriate government agencies.
  • To develop training programs and workshops for interested professionals.
  • To collaborate with other associations which have mutual interests.

Building Campus to Career Partnerships

CCEIA strives to facilitate and maintain a high standard of quality for work-based learning through Cooperative Education and Internships. Both employer and college members of the association are eager to develop partnerships with the combined goal of developing a strong Connecticut workforce. It is through these relationships that CCEIA establishes meaningful linkages between education and employment.